New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender

The New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender is an impressive machine especially when you consider its price. Its 1500-watt motor base is incredibly powerful and makes consistent fresh juice and smoothie within no time. When testing the product we literally had no chunks left and blended very evenly and best of all, you will have the entire essential nutrient in your drinks. The model will give you much better performance than most of the high products available on the market. The New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender will work well with different ingredient including whole fruits, veggies, stems, nuts, and seeds, additionally it will crush  ice very well to make frozen milkshakes.

New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie BlenderNew Age Living BL1500 3HP Features and Specifications:

  • speed control is variable
  • No assembly required
  • High power copper motor
  • Pulse function that assists in  crushing ice  as well as solid foods
  • High-end stainless steel blades
  • Pitcher is made using BPA-free materials
  • Power output: 1500W
  • Has an Automatic shut off when the blender overheats
  • Has a 2.5-liter pitcher

What we love about New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender

Very Easy to Operate

The New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender comes with a control panel that is very easy to use. This control has a dial that you can use to adjust the speed to your liking, while the pulse buttons will allow you to make finer smoothies, sauces, dips and soups easily. All you need to do is to turn the dial and press the right button to get going.

Excellent Motor

There is no doubt that New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender is very powerful. This model as an impressive 1500 watt motor that gives your very  high speed that ensures that you can blend high loads in one go. The model will even blend the so-called hard to blend vegetables and fruits with ease. Another reason you should consider purchasing this blender is that even after using it at high speed; you will never get that hot burning odor that is common in most blenders.

Delivers Great Service

The New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender is a consumer grade blender that offers commercially-grade results. The manufacturer also offers great warranty on any part of the blender that fails to work. Additionally, you can get all the repairs or spare part replacement at a reduced price in the company service center.

Great pitcher size for the whole family

The New Age Living BL1500 3HP comes with a 2.5L pitcher that will hold enough fresh juice, smoothie or any other concoction or the whole family. This makes it ideal for the whole family or for parties where you want to make soups, cocktails or sauces foe a large number of people.


  • BPA-free and shatterproof pitcher
  • Powerful 1500-watt motor
  • Easy to adjust speeds
  • Can turn cold ingredients hot in minutes
  • Multiple pre-programmed blending cycles
  • Soft start
  • Comes with 2.5L blending jar


  • Can be tough to detach the base when full


Ques: Does it use a plastic or metal connect system to connect the container to the motor?

Ans: Stainless steel to stainless steel gears.

Ques: Why did my carrot ginger soup turnout foamy?

Ans: It spins it at high speed leading to foam, but the consistency is great

Ques: Do the blades heat up the liquid like the other blenders that to make hot soup?

Ans: Yes, they certainly do. We have made piping hot soup using this blender.

Our Verdict

Overall, the New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender offers great power and speed for constituent blending.  With New Age Living BL1500 3HP Smoothie Blender you can do away with your food processor, ice chopper, handheld mixer and smoothie maker, as it will help you to do this within seconds. The only concern we had with this blender is that you need to have a large space for storage. However, when you consider the high performance as well as its durability, you can completely ignore the inconvenience on space. Before purchase must read our expert’s buying guide best blender for smoothies.

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