How to Choose Portable Humidifiers for Home?

If you live in a climate that has low humidity level a portable humidifier can help make the air your breath healthier. A portable humidifier can help lessen already existing health issues like eczema, dry skin, allergies and asthma. When the air in your home is dry you are at a higher risk of colds and the flu because the air will dry out your nose and mouth making you more susceptible to bacteria and flu viruses. Dry air will also ruin wood furniture and would moldings in your home. Most people who live in areas that have low humidity levels own a portable humidifier.

A portable humidifier can keep the moisture in the air and prevent it from drying out. You can buy a portable humidifier in drug stores and department stores. These are not large units and they can be transported in your car to your home. A whole house humidifier has to be delivered and professionally installed where as a portable one can be plugged in and used as soon as you get it home.

There are two types of portable humidifiers on the market. One heats the water inside and then injects warm moisture into the air. The other kind is a cold mist humidifier. The cold mist humidifier is considered to be the safer of the two units. A cold mist humidifier can cool the air in the room somewhat. A hot water humidifier will warm the air. A cool mist humidifier is the best kind to use during the summer. When you are comparing prices make sure you take operating expenses into account. You should also compare the prices on filter replacements. The filter catches the sediments and minerals in the water and will have to be changed from time to time. If you will be using the humidifier often you will have to replace the filter more often so it is important to take these added expenses into account before choosing which humidifier is the best for you. The most expensive models generally have life time filters and may actually be the better investment. You can find certain portable humidifiers that will also remove the dust and pollens from the air so they will serve a dual purpose.

The most popular brand is the Honeywell brand portable humidifier. Bemis is another popular brand to buy. Both companies make quality machines. You can find both types, the hot mist and the cold mist humidifier in these brands. You should also choose a portable humidifier that has a humidistat that automatically keeps track of the humidity level in the room. Some brands allow you to set the most comfortable level for you and the humidistat will keep it at that level. Honeywell has been making humidifiers for years. Their products are making the air that people live in a lot healthier for them. It is a fact that people who live in homes that have the right amount humidity in the air are healthier. In a way, you can say that a portable humidifier can save you medical expenses and end up paying for itself that way. The right humidity level in your home will also allow you to feel more comfortable in the winter and in the summer. It is important to keep your portable humidifier cleaned and maintained for maximum effectiveness.

You can buy portable humidifier online or in home stores. The prices vary but they usually start at around $30. A whole house humidifier can be as much as $150. During certain times of the year portable humidifiers go on sale. Look for ads in your local mail flyers. You can also find sales and reduced prices online. You can also go online and read various articles about the many health benefits a portable humidifier can provide for you.

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