Hamilton Beach 52147H Dual Wave Versatile Blender Review

The Hamilton Beach blender are way less expensive when you compare them to the other brands available on the market.  In fact, these blenders cost a fraction of Vitamix and Blendtec blenders with similar features. The Hamilton Beach 52147H does not only cost less but also come packed with plenty of amazing features. The model will not make a lot of noise when blending unless you are crushing ice.

One of the features that makes this model a market leader is the fact that it comes with a 1000 watt motor that will offer you with all the power you need to puree, mix, crush ice and dice. On top of this, you will love the high quality and large capacity pitcher fitted in the model. The pitcher is dishwasher safe and comes with a mess-free spout for pouring.

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Hamilton Beach 52147H features at a glance

  • Blends a whole pitcher in less than 30 seconds
  • Comes with an 80oz pitcher and a  16 oz cup
  • Comes with back cord storage area
  • Blade detaches from the base.
  • Protected by a long three years’ warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1000 Watts of peak power
  • Dual Wave Action mechanism  that eliminates  all the ice chunks

What we love about Hamilton Beach 52147H

Easy to Use

The Hamilton Beach 52147H is not only affordable but also extremely easy to use. The model comes with an innovative control that makes it easy for you to choose the preferred settings to ensure that you get your smoothies, and soups just the way you like them.  Although the control is straightforward, the Hamilton Beach 52147H come with an easy to read the manual that gives you a systematic guide on how to use the appliance efficiently.

Great Motor

With Hamilton Beach 52147H, you will have a 1000-watt motor that is strong enough to crush ice, chop, mix and liquefy hard foods including seeds and nuts. The motor will not only help you to make a fine smoothie but will pulverize ice and seeds to come up with even soups and smoothies.

Operates Silently

When we consider the size of the motor, we were amazed how silent Hamilton Beach 52147H operates.  To be honest, we found Hamilton Beach 52147H to be one of the most silent of all tabletop blenders available on the market.

Space Saver Design

We also loved the fact that the Hamilton Beach 52147H comes in space saver design, making it easy to store anywhere in your kitchen as it will not eat up much space. It is a perfect choice for an individual with limited space in their kitchen.

Great Features

The Hamilton Beach 52147H come with every feature that you may need in a high-quality blender on the market.  You will get all the features available in the high-end models at only a fraction of the price.


  • High-performance blender that allows you to make  various nutritious  of smoothies and juices
  • The blender has blades  that have the ability to pull  the contents down  to crush all the ingredients
  • Even blending
  • Easy to wash
  • Turns ice into snowflakes
  • Built to last
  • Has a strong and high-performance motor


  • Makes relatively high noise


Ques: Is this blender high quality?

Ans: You will love this blender; I use mine to make soup, smoothies, and margaritas.

Ques: Will V Hamilton Beach 52147H crushes ice?

Ans: Yes, it will. In fact, it does a great job

Ques: Is this model easy to clean?

Ans: all the parts except for the motor are dishwasher safe

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a high-quality model that you will frequently use to make smoothies and soups, then Hamilton Beach 52147H is an excellent choice. This model will not take much of your kitchen space and will offer features that are found on high-end blenders at a fraction of the price.  It is a great choice for a person with a limited budget.

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