Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor with 7 Piece Set Blender Mixer

The Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor is a great blender that is handy to use as it is efficiently designed to enhance high-performance and ease of use. This is a perfect blender for individuals who love smoothie but are always on the move and want a compact blender to provide them with a quick drink that they can carry. The model comes with various containers that you can turn into a closable bottle that you can take it with you in your car or while commuting using trains or buses. Another reason you may want to consider purchasing this item is that it offers you with an efficient motor that will provide you with all the power you need when making purees, sauces, cocktails as well as dips.

Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor Features at a Glance

  • 700-watt motor
  • Centrifugal juice extractor
  • 3-inch diameter feeds chute
  • Two-speed operation
  • Safety locking arm
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Titanium-reinforced, stainless steel cutting blade
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • 32-ounce juice jug with integral froth separator
  • Comes with cleaning brush
  • Weighs 10.1 pounds
  • One -year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Chef’s Star Nutri ExtractorWhat we love about Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor

Great motor

While most of the blenders in this price range will have 500-watt motors, the Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor come with a 700watt motor that will not only help you to make smoothies easily but also have the ability to withstand wear and tear associated with the use of the machine daily.

Solid construction

Another reason that made us fall in love with the Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor is the solid construction. The body that houses the motor is made from stainless steel that is resistant to stains making it durable and easy to clean. Additionally, the plastic pulp collector is constructed using PBA plastic, which is very safe to use.

Easy to Clean

For you to make this task as simple as possible makes sure that you clean Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor soon after you use it. This will avoid some of the ingredients sticking on the pitcher. The most difficult part to clean is the cutting disk. However, you are provided with a cleaning brush, making it easy to clean.

Low level of noise

The Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor will only be loud when you use the high-speed settings. However, the low settings are silent, and you will not have to turn the volume of your TV or disturb the neighbor.

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Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor Pros

  • Stainless steel body makes it less prone to stains
  • Very affordable for a wide mouth juicer
  • Large 3-inch feed chute means less prep
  • Powerful motor can handle hard ingredients like carrots and beets
  • Large pulp bin allows you to make large batches of juice without disassembling the machine
  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • Big capacity pulp bin lets you prepare several servings of juice without stopping to empty the pulp each time
  • Dishwasher safe components make cleanup easy
  • Locking safety arm guards against inadvertent starts with the lid off


  • So-so yield on leafy greens and citrus
  • Short warranty


Ques: Can you put carrots as well as beets in this blender?

Ans: Absolutely yes. The model comes with two blade attachments one of which will grind coffee as well.

Ques: Are the cups glass or plastic?

Ans: They are made from BPA free plastic

Ques: Has anyone had any trouble with the bearings in the blade mechanism?

Ans: I have not had any issues with that it works great!

Our Verdict

On an overall evaluation, the Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor is an effective product as it does all the work of an expensive blender at a much lower price. We also love the fact that it is not very bulky, making it a perfect choice for you especially when you are traveling. It will fit in your RV kitchen comfortably, and any other small kitchen. We highly recommend Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor. It is an absolute bargain and definitely the best blender for smoothies that come at an affordable price.

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