What Should I Look For When Buying Best Kitchen Exhaust Hoods?

The exhaust hood is a very important part of your kitchen as it can help prevent some possibly serious situations. Your house could easily get full of smoke, and a kitchen fire would not be unexpected if you do not have a properly working kitchen exhaust hood. It is absolutely essential that you make sure the exhaust hood in your kitchen is efficient enough so in the event of an emergency situation it will be much easier to take care of.

If you already have an exhaust hood in your kitchen, which is highly likely, it does not necessarily mean that you are prepared for everything. Many people have exhaust fans in their kitchen that are not effective enough and could actually worsen the situation.

Common problems with old or cheap kitchen exhaust fans include: extremely loud while working, minimal air movement, highly inefficient, and some can even possibly create a backdraft with various appliances that are combustible.

Buying a Good Kitchen Exhaust Hood
If you understand the importance of a properly working kitchen exhaust hood then you will want to replace yours immediately if it is not working as good as you would like it to. There are quite a few things you should know before buying a kitchen exhaust hood if you want the best fan possible. Use these tips to make the most informed choice possible when purchasing a fan for your kitchen.

Tip #1 – Buy a Quiet Fan
There is nothing more annoying then having to listen to the fan while making something in the kitchen. Many people can probably relate to having the urge to turn the fan off so they can listen to music, the television, or just so they can talk to someone in the room or on the phone. Since multi-tasking is an extremely common thing while working in the kitchen, eliminating the excessive noise can be very beneficial. Basically, look for a kitchen exhaust hood that is not loud. You should be able to determine this with the HVI (Home Ventilation Institute) ratings.

Tip #2 – Efficiency is Key
The most important factor when buying a kitchen fan is how efficient it is. You should be willing to sacrifice an inefficient fan that is extremely quiet for a highly efficient fan that makes loud quacking noises. Thankfully that situation would not occur but basically what is being stated here is that you are looking to buy a kitchen exhaust hood that is extremely efficient. Nothing else should weigh in on your decision of what model kitchen exhaust hood to buy more than the efficiency level. You can also get efficiency information with the HVI ratings just like you can for the loudness ratings.

Tip #3 – Look for a Fan with Extra Parts Included
Some fans will be available with replacement parts in the box. This is not always the case and if you do not get a fan with replacement parts then you could end up having to throw it out and buy a new one eventually. If you can find a fan that is quiet and highly efficient, and it also includes extra parts, then you are getting a good deal. You may also want to look out for fans that include permanent lubrication.

The listed tips are a good start at making an informed decision of what kitchen exhaust hood to buy. You can find many different kitchen fans on the market but not all of them are great. You want to make sure you purchase one that fits these requirements, but be prepared to pay top dollar for a high quality (and long lasting) kitchen fan.

There is still more information available about buying and installing a kitchen exhaust hood that you should read up on. You want to make sure that you install the fan in the best location possible. For instance, stove top or in-wall fans are preferred, and it is suggested to avoid fans that go above kitchen islands as they are less efficient. You will also want to consider if there is a possibility of the materials of the fan catching on fire if there is a grease or kitchen fire at some point. Just use all this information to make an informed decision on what particular model of kitchen exhaust hood to buy, and also read up on proper installation and setting techniques.

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