How To Choose The Best Glass Percolator

A glass percolator is a device that holds your coffee both while you are brewing it and after. There are three types of glass percolators currently available. These are electric, microwaveable and stove top versions. An electric glass percolator uses electricity in order to brew coffee and this is the most popularly chosen type. Many work by heating water in one chamber while holding coffee in another chamber. Once the water becomes hot enough, it is run through a tube and into the chamber holding the coffee. The liquid is then transferred into a glass coffee pot. Pressure-based percolators work using three different chambers. The top of the chamber is used to store the coffee that is brewed. The bottom chamber holds the water and the coffee is held in a chamber in the middle of the unit. The pressure in the water chamber builds up as the water heats and is then transferred into the chamber holding the coffee. The brewed coffee is then collected at the top for serving.

An electric glass percolator can often be stopped during the brewing process. Many models now have this feature and it allows you to pull a cup of coffee from the machine while the brewing process is still in action. Many offer switches that you use to turn off the brewing for a few seconds in order to fill your cup while others have a spring that releases when the glass pot is removed. This stops the brewing action for a short time while you fill your cup. Once you set the pot back on the burner, the brewing will again begin. Many models also offer a warming feature that you can select by pressing a specific button. This feature allows you to keep your coffee warm without it being reprocessed.

A microwave glass percolator is a very energy efficient way to brew coffee. This method uses only around forty percent of the energy of an electric glass percolator to make an entire pot of coffee. Many consumers feel that a disadvantage to this type of coffee brewing is the need to set just the right time on the microwave in order to correctly brew coffee. Too much time results in boiling coffee and not enough time results in weak or under brewed coffee.

Stove top models work by placing the percolator on the stove or range top. The water will begin to boil and be forced over the coffee grounds, thus brewing the coffee. When choosing the glass percolator that is best for your coffee brewing needs, you will need to first determine which method you prefer when making coffee. Most people prefer the electric models simply because they are much more convenient and many believe that they produce a much richer and bolder pot of coffee than the stove top or microwave models.

If you are purchasing a new glass percolator, be certain that you check the specifications. You should choose based on your needs. For instance, if you only brew one or two cups of coffee at a time, then you certainly would not need a percolator that brews twelve cups at once. You can find models that range in pot sizes from four to twelve and even more if you need a commercial sized machine.

Be certain that you check for a manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing this or any other small appliance. In the event that the percolator does not work correctly, you should ensure that you can return the machine or send it to the manufacturer for repairs. Finally, you should note that glass percolators come in a wide range of sizes as well as price ranges. Determine your budget for the appliance before you begin comparing models. This will give you a starting point. Once you find models within your budget, you can begin to compare the various extra features that you may want or need on your percolator.

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