What Should I Look For In A Fruit Juicer Before Buy.

Using a fruit juicer can add a lot of variety to your diet. You can enjoy all kinds of fresh fruit juice if you have a fruit juicer. Juicing your fruit can be a lot of fun and does not have to involve a lot of hard work and was made easier with the advent of the fruit juicer. Drinking fresh fruit juicers can help you maintain better health and can add balance to your diet. You can easily get the recommended daily servings of fruit every day if you drink fresh fruit made in a fruit juicer. Dr. Norman Walker is credited with inventing the first fruit juicer. His design led to the development of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer that is still available today. There are some really versatile modern fruit juicers on the market now that will extract juice from fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens. There are also fruit juicers on the market that are simply used to juice fruit only.

Most of the fruit juicers on the market now will separate the pulp from the juice. Many of them look a lot like blenders. Some common types of fruit juicers are centrifugal, centrifugal ejection, masticating, manual press, single auger, dual cage auger and twin press fruit juicers. The oldest type of fruit juicer is the centrifugal type. It uses centrifugal force to extract the juice from the pulp. The centrifugal ejection type is similar only it has a basket with slanted sides. A masticating fruit juicer masticates the fruit with a slow speed motor. The manual type fruit juicer has been around for a long time. You simply press the fruit on it to make juice which runs down into a collection bowl. Some people believe that the manual type allows you to get the most nutrients from the fruit since no oxidation occurs during the juicing process.

When shopping for a fruit juicer there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you are on a budget your first and foremost consideration will be the price. Some fruit juicers on the market can be quite pricy. Keep in mind that high price does not necessary mean high quality. Be sure to go online and read reviews before you spend money on a pricy juicer. Some may end up being less than satisfactory. Some juicers are very difficult to clean so people tend not to use them much after they are purchased. Make sure you buy one that is dishwasher safe. Also, some modern day fruit juicers will give you more pulp than juice. If you look for one that extracts the pulp to an outside container you will be happier with it if you do not like pulp. Another factor to consider is its ease of use. Most people will not bother to continue using a fruit juicer that is difficult to use which means you end up wasting your money on it. The noise factor should be considered as well. You should also look for one that is a reliable brand that has a history of providing friendly customer service. If you ever need replacement parts you will want them to be easily obtainable.

The size of the juicer may also be a factor that matters to you, especially if you do not have a lot of counter space in the kitchen. Some models are more compact than others. You may want to store your fruit juicer in a cupboard so make sure the one you buy will not be too tall for the cupboard you want to store it in. Most fruit juicers come with a recipe book for various kinds of mixed fruit juices. Look for juicers at department stores, kitchen stores and other retail outlets. You can also find them for sale on various websites online.

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