What Should I Consider When Buying a Best Electric Deep Fryer?

If you wish to make delicious fried foods in the comfort of your own home you should look into purchasing an electric deep fryer. An electric deep fryer is able to heat up oil to the perfect temperature and will allow you to cook the perfect fried food. You are able to fry numerous foods including chicken, fish and, most commonly, French fries. These fryers are extremely safe and are able to cook ample servings of food in just one sitting. There are certain models at the lower end of the spectrum that will typically feature a pot-like shape. These models will usually have a removable storage lid. Should you wish to purchase a more advanced electric deep fryer these are likely to have many more features. This can include an adjustable temperature range and even an immersion rack.

An electric deep fryer will be able to cook food with just a few cups of oil, although the actual cooking capacity will vary depending on the power and size of your fryer. However, the specific type of electric deep fryer that you choose to purchase will very much depend on how often you wish to use it, how many people you intend to feed and whether there are any specific features that you would like.

You may initially be attracted to a small electric deep fryer, although they will offer a limited amount of features. A small deep fryer will typically look like a small bucket that has a safety handle. You will actually find that the safety handle will remain cool even when the fryer is extremely hot. This will allow you to move your deep fryer without having to worry about burning your hands. A small electric deep fryer will usually have a capacity of no more than 4 to 6 cups of oil and will heat up once plugged in. You can, of course, save money on oil by simply straining it and storing it in a container with a plastic lid. You are also able to store oil in your fryer without the need to refrigerate it. Many people prefer to save oil as this can add to the overall flavour of any fried foods, and this is a practice that is typically used in many restaurants. You simply need to ensure that you use the correct straining techniques and tools in order to clean the oil from the fryer.

The majority of small electrically fryers will usually use a lift and drain scoop, whereas a larger model is likely to have a basket that you can immerse in oil and then immediately remove. The scoop of a small electrically fryer will drain the excess oil via a number of slotted holes. It is extremely important that you always remove excess oil from fried foods and it is advisable that you pat them dry with a paper towel. You will also find that a hand scoop is likely to be far less messy than a larger fryer basket. It is highly recommended that you always cover the top of the fryer to prevent hot oil from splashing. The majority of electric deep fryers will come with some form of a splatter shield.

If you are looking to purchase a larger electric deep fryer, you will find that it is likely to be more expensive, although it will offer many more additional features. Larger electric deep fryers tend to come with a strainer basket which makes it extremely easy to add and remove food. You should be careful when removing the basket as often the handle will be hot. The main advantage of a large deep fryer is the fact that you are able to cook more food in one sitting. These types of electric deep fryer are capable of housing up to 10 cups of oil. You will find this especially useful if you are cooking fried foods for a large gathering of people. The majority of large electric deep fryers will have a closable lid, although some may have an open top.

You will also find that large electric deep fryers will enable you to use preset temperatures. You are likely to find that certain foods will need to be cooked at a lower temperature than others. The fryer will usually have a built-in temperature sensor so that you can immediately tell exactly how hot your oil actually is. Another great addition is a timer which will stop you from overcooking or burning food. This is especially important as burnt fried food is likely to smell and is also likely to be a fire hazard. There is a huge choice of electric deep fryers that can be purchased either online or in many department or electrical stores. The cost of an electric deep fryer will very much depend on what you wish to use it for, although the least expensive models are available for under $50.

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