What Should I Look For When Buying A Dual Basket Deep Fryer?

If you generally enjoy eating fried foods and typically cook foods in a deep fryer then a dual basket deep fryer may be very beneficial. These fryers give you much more flexibility when deep frying because they provide you with two different baskets for frying. You can fry two different foods at the same time which is a much faster way than the traditional way of frying one food and then waiting until it is finished to begin another food. A dual basket deep fryer allows you to cook french fries and chicken tenders at once without worries of one food getting cold while the other fries. It is also beneficial if you are frying a lot of food at once. For instance, if you are frying chicken tenders then in a traditional deep fryer you would only be able to do a few pieces at a time. With a dual basket deep fryer you can double your deep frying capabilities and get your foods finished much sooner.

Presto makes a dual basket ProFry deep fryer that is very popular today. It has one of the largest baskets that is available for home use and can handle nearly four pounds of food at once. This could help you to finish your deep frying in less than half the time of using a traditional deep fryer and still enjoy deliciously deep fried foods at home. You can literally cook enough food for a party with just one fryer and still not spend very much time in the kitchen. Many people today have deep fryers in their homes. The problem is that traditional deep fryer baskets simply do not hold enough to cook an entire meal’s worth of fried foods at once. You have to load the basket and then wait for that food to finish cooking before you load it again and so on. By the time all of your food has finished cooking, the first batch that you cooked is cold. A dual basket deep fryer eliminates this problem. It allows you to quickly cook double batches of food so that you never have to worry about some of your food becoming cold while the remainder of the food is cooking.

You can purchase a dual basket deep fryer in many different designs and sizes and from a number of different manufacturers. Most retailers that offer deep fryers offer this style and there are many online retailers that sell them as well. They are not terribly more expensive than a traditional deep fryer and given the convenience and time saving design, many consumers feel that they are well worth the extra cost. Most dual basket deep fryers on the market today can be purchased for less than $100. Many offer extra features as well such as the ability to take the fryer completely apart for easier cleanup. Other features may include fast oil temperature recovery and a splatter proof filter for safer frying.

Whether you purchase a dual basket deep fryer at a home goods store, department store or online, you should check to ensure that a warranty is included. Most manufacturers will offer at least a ninety day warranty against any damages or defects when you first purchase the fryer. Always look to see if a warranty is available. If you are purchasing online you should ensure that you are buying from a reputable dealer to ensure that you receive the fryer in good condition and will all the parts necessary to begin cooking with it right away. Take your time when purchasing and compare prices if you want to find the lowest rates. The cost that you will pay will likely depend on the specific brand name, the size and frying capability of the deep fryer and any additional features that it may offer.

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