How to Choose The Best Cordless Electric Knife – Buying Guide

There are many products that you can purchase to help you run a more efficient and effective kitchen. It is important that your kitchen be organized and designed for efficiency. Having a triangle workspace helps to promote efficiency as do a number of various kitchen utensils. Among the many kitchen necessities, a cordless electric knife comes in very handy for a variety of functions. Today’s kitchens operate much differently than those of years past. One of the reasons for this change is that families today are much busier and have much less time to prepare foods than before. A cordless electric knife helps to make your food preparation tasks much easier and faster.

Cordless Electric Fillet Knife For Kitchen
Cordless Electric Fillet Knife For Kitchen

One of the main purposes of an electric knife is to fillet fish. Cordless knives make even this task much easier because there are no cords or wires getting in the way of what you are doing. While traditional carving and filleting knives do not have cords, they also do not offer the power that you get with an electric knife. It is important to note that cordless electric knives come with a variety of different blades that are used for different cutting jobs. Many even have handy carrying cases that help to keep them organized and make it easier to take them with you for various camping or fishing trips. Keep in mind that since they are electric and cordless, batteries are required. When you go to purchase your new electric knife, be certain that you pay attention to the number as well as the voltage of battery that is required to run the knife. Most of the cordless electric knives that you can purchase today use rechargeable batteries to make it much easier and more cost efficient to use them.

Cordless Electric Knife For Kitchen
Cordless Electric Knife For Kitchen

Cordless knives also come with a wide variety of blade types and sizes used for various carving and slicing purposes. Be certain that you choose a knife that offers the blade sizes and types that you need for various purposes. If you plan to use the knife frequently, you would likely benefit from a model that offers multiple blade types. Alternatively, you can choose a knife with only one or two blades and then purchase additional blades should you find a need for them at a later time.

It is best to find a cordless knife that has at least two sets of blades. This gives you one blade for slicing breads and another for slicing meats. The meat slicing blade is typically longer than that used to slice vegetables or bread products. You should ensure that the knife you purchase offers at least 100 watts of power. Keep in mind that the higher torque the motor offers, the thicker meats you will be able to cut through. It is also important that you choose a model that offers the longest charge. This will enable you to use it to cut through an entire ham or turkey for instance, without worrying about recharging or replacing the batteries.

Choose a model that offers detachable blades as these are easiest to clean. While there are models that have permanently connected blades, those with detachable and changeable blades are most common. Be certain that you check the durability of the blades particularly if you plan to put them in a dishwasher. Some models may specify that dishwasher use is safe while others may not be able to stand up to the pressure of a dishwasher. You don’t want to have to replace your blades every time you wash them, so check the durability of both the knife itself as well as the blades that are available for this particular model. You will also want to check the handle of the knife to ensure that it feels comfortable in your hand. Keep in mind that a good quality cordless electric knife will run you around $50 or more. Compare a few models to see which ones offer the best grip as well as the highest durability and quality. Once you have chosen the model that fits all of your usage needs, you can narrow down your choices according to price if budget is a concern.

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