The Various Types Of Smoothies

The various types of smoothies taken on a broad range of subjects. A broad range whether it’s a health smoothie or not, fruit or vegetable smoothie, smoothie bowl or cup, etc. Know that the differences of smoothies come in a wide variety. However you visualize a smoothie, it’s a blended drink with fruit and vegetable based ingredients. Smoothies are always blended with a blender, like a Vitamix blender, as the best blender for smoothies.

Healthy VS Not Healthy Smoothie

When we look at a smoothie, we think healthy or maybe not. What makes a smoothie healthy is the ingredients that you use when blending it. To make a healthy smoothie, the approach to using raw fruits and vegetables is good, but the other ingredients should be healthy, as well. Smoothies can be made with dairy and non-dairy product. The non-dairy blend of making a smoothie is looked at as being the healthier way. No matter the arguments, healthy or not, there are tons of recipes out there that will show you healthy recipes.

Raw Fruit Or Vegetable Or Both

Many people like to make their smoothies a specific way, thus using fruit or vegetables with milk, yogurt, water, and ice, or everything. People who want all fruit smoothies will omit the vegetables. Fruit smoothies taste good because it has some sugar substance to it which gives it a pleasing taste. These smoothies can use a variety of fruits such as bananas, strawberries, pineapples, pomegranates and other fruits.

Vegetable smoothies don’t have fruits, giving it a more bland taste, which is tweaked by adding salt, peppers and other spices. People add both fruits and vegetables making smoothies, as the combinations make the perfect smoothie. However a person prefers their smoothie, it’s totally their choice.

Smoothie Bowl Or Smoothie Cup

Smoothie bowls and smoothie cups differ slightly. The additions of extra stuff being used in the recipes and a bowl and cup. In a smoothie bowl, people often add whole fruit, vegetables, grains and a list of other things to a fruit bowl. The smoothie cup is much more simple than the bowl, with nothing adding to the staple ingredients.

Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner Smoothie

For different reasons, the smoothie has been broken down into a breakfast, lunch or dinner smoothie. The recipes or the time of day people drink a smoothie has a lot to do with categorizing it this way. Breakfast smoothies are usually made of fruit blends with oatmeal. Lunch smoothies are fruit, vegetable or both blended and dinner strictly vegetable smoothies. However, smoothies can drink at any time, with any ingredients you like.

The difference between smoothies can be clear and blurred in some areas. Smoothies are all blends of fruits and vegetables, with milk, yogurt and/or water and ice.

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